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Hatsan Jet I 22 Airgun Handgun

Hatsan Jet I 22 Airgun Handgun

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The Hatsan Jet I lets you switch between an air rifle and an air pistol because it comes with a removable synthetic stock. You get power up to 9.7 fpe in .177, 15.6 FPE in .22, and 16.5 FPE in .25 for versatile and exciting plinking, target shooting, and light pesting if you're using a higher caliber version.

With this pellet pistol, you don't have to compromise. You can set the synthetic stock against your shoulder to let the ridged rubber buttpad give you better comfort and control over your shots, or you can remove it to get all the advantages of a light pistol. Either way, you won't have to sacrifice power or shot count.

The Hatsan Jet I gives you even more options to customize the fit with a cheek rest that has seven positions for elevation and the buttstock that's adjustable so you can get the length of pull you want. You'll get plenty of shots from the 40cc air tube, and there's a built in pressure gauge at the end of it so you know when you're getting close to needing a top up.

This convertible airgun comes with a 11mm Dovetail scope rail on the top so you can add a scope or a dot sight for added accuracy, and it also has a Picatinny accessory rail on the side that lets you attach items like lights and lasers. If you want to get accurate shots right away, there's a fiber optic flip up rear sight and a fiber optic flip up front sight, plus another flip up sight just ahead of the magazine.


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